Premier Commercial Bank has been notified of a current malware attack that is being carried out through the delivery of an email.  The subject displays as [WARNING: MESSAGE ENCRYPTED] Fiserv Secure Email Notification – Random Alphanumeric Characters.

There is an attachment included with the email and is identified as, SecureMessage RANDOM ALPHANUMERIC  If you recieve this email, do not attempt to download nor open the attachment and do not reply to it.  Delete it from all of your devices.

The email falsely represents itself as coming from Fiserv, but it is not associated with Fiserv or Premier Commercial Bank, in any way.  Our systems were not utilized to conduct this fraudulent email scheme and our systems remain secure.  Clicking on the attachment could disrupt or damage systems.

For additional information on malware attacks, you many want to visit:

1.) Internet Crime Complaint Center (, a partnership of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center.

2.) Anti-Phishing Working Group (, a coalition of industry, law enforcement and government entities focused on unifying the response to cybercrime.

If you have any questions related to this message, please call us at 336-398-2321.